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Welcome to the
Black & Brown Cannabis Guild

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Our calls for inclusion, justice, and equity

Resources for our Community


Our Vision

At BBCG, we envision a robust community of cannabis professionals, patients, enthusiasts, and activists of color; where ADVOCACY for social equity and justice, a NETWORK providing support and community, and GUIDANCE to build and scale viable companies all converge.

Our Story

BBCG was founded in July of 2019 by two women (Political Consultant/Activist, Denavvia Mojet and Tech Start-Up Entrepreneur, Ariana Waller). Both were dismayed by the blaring lack of diversity in the cannabis industry after witnessing firsthand, the devastation of communities of color through the failed War on Drugs. 

The leaders vowed to make change and fight for justice and equity at every turn.

Starting off by building a board of powerhouse entrepreneurs and industry experts and hosting the largest expungement resource fair across the entire State of Michigan during a national week of expungement awareness, the organization is just getting started.

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"People believe this work and this movement is about weed, and for some it is, but for us, it's about people."

- Denavvia Mojet, BBCG Executive Director

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