"I attended the September 2019 Expungement Resource Fair. Two months later, I had my victory in court with the help of the Cooley Law School attorney from the fair. It has meant so much to me and improved my life in so many ways. Now, I just want to pay it forward."

-Fred, BBCG Board Member

Free Michael Thompson

Meet the longest serving non-violent offender in Michigan. This man sold 3 lbs of marijuana to an adult undercover police officer and was sentenced to 60 years in jail. It's time to get him out. While we fight for expungement, we fight for clemency for victims of the failed War On Drugs.

National Expungement Week 2020

Join us in Michigan for Expungement Awareness and Resources

 September 19-26 2020:

Muskegon, MI

Grand Rapids, MI

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