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Expungement is the legal process of having a criminal conviction cleared from your public record. An expungement is a great way to move forward with your life without having to disclose an old crime or have it show up on a public background check when seeking jobs, housing, education, and other opportunities. Our expungement team works year round to provide legal support and guidance through our partnership with pro bono attorneys. 

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Taking the Steps

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1. Eligibility Determination

To determine if you are eligible for an expungement under existing Michigan law. Participants request and recieve a FREE copy of their Michigan Background Check.


2. Processing & Navigating Court

Your expungement may be entirely administrative or require a court hearing. A licensed attorney will advise to ensure your forms and necessary documents are complete.


3. Follow Up & Verification

Once your expungement is granted, our team will assist you will confirming that your background check reflects your new status or we will connect you to additional resources.

Legal Support


Our work would not be possible without our legal support partners - practicing pro bono attorneys and law students. Our legal support volunteers are trained on Michigan Expungement law and assigned work based on interest and capacity.

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