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Corporate Partnerships

Is your business looking to align with the work of a racial equity-focused cannabis justice org? Explore our Corporate Partnership options.

Individual Memberships

Join our community and support our work. Tap into volunteer and leadership opportunities.

Corporate Partnerships

We are eager to work with organizations who share our values, make us better, and support our impact in the communities we serve. Sign up to purchase a corporate membership below. Please email with questions. 


The Black & Brown Cannabis Guild is a proud equity organization. We believe in eliminating cost as a barrier to opportunity for people and businesses who navigate greater degrees of oppression and stigma. 

Email to request an application for our 2021 membership scholarships listed below: 


  • Sha'Carri Richardson Boxed-Out of Opportunity Individual Scholarship

  • Michael Thompson Returning Citizen Scholarship

  • Caesar E. Chavez Latinx AgriEntrepreneur Scholarship

  • #StopAsianHate Scholarship 

  • Tulsa Black Wall Street Business Scholarship


Join our network. Attend our events. Work with us to achieve a more diverse and equitable industry. Our members network and connect to build a 

Individual Memberships

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